CV 石上静香Ishigami Shizuka

CV 上村祐翔Uemura Yuto


Thorfinn is an energetic and curious boy who lives in Iceland, dreams of going on an adventure, and hates losing. He dreams of the New World, Vinland, after hearing about it from his father, Thors, and the adventurer, Leif Erikson, and decides to set off to find it for himself. He searches for a weapon in order to ride as a soldier on his father’s ship, but...

非常に優れた戦士だった父・トールズの血を色濃く継いでおり、小回りのきく小柄な体型を活かしたスピードに長けた戦い方をする。しかし、短気な性格で頭に血がのぼりやすく、そのせいで戦闘が不利になることもしばしば。 幼い頃聞いた「ヴィンランド」という土地の名をずっと覚えており、心の拠り所としている。

Thorfinn takes after his father, Thors, an extremely talented warrior. He fights by using the maneuverability and speed bestowed upon him by his small build. However, he has a short temper and is easy to enrage, a disadvantage in battle. He has always remembered Vinland, the name of a land he heard when he was little, and finding it is one of his reasons for living.